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Product Spotlight

Sofa Support Board

The Sofa Support Board is a simple solution to an age-old problem: 
The Saggy Sofa Syndrome

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Stove Top Liner

Decorative and Aesthetic protection for your electric, ceramic, glass or induction cooktop. Defend it from cracks and scratches and create additional countertop space at the same time.

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Sleeper Sofa Board

As recommended by The New York Times Wirecutter. Designed to make your sleeper sofa more firm and more comfortable. No more nagging metal bars for you or your guests!

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Silicone Stove Top Cover

The Matte Solid Black finish Silicone Stove Top Cover blends in perfectly with your kitchen making it an aesthetic protection for your cooktop.

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But Don't take our word for it

It really works! I got the order and whipped the cushionss off the couch, put it down, and the couch and was back together like that. I immediately noted that the slightly depressed area on my favorite side of the couch were gone. I grabbed my favorite blanket and set off on a couch surfing session. I was could tell there was improved support, which has improved pain and neck pain.

Marcia (5-Star Review on Amazon)

OMG. What a great product. Great quality and looks fantastic on the cook top. Expands our counter top space emensely when covering the stove top then rolls up easily when the cook top is needed. Great product. Smart purchase.

Richard (5-Star Review on Amazon)

I was definitely a little skeptical as to how this product actually works. The concept is simple enough enough but was unsure of how it functioned in actual application. I was surprised at just how well it works and how much more comfortable and like new it made our couch feel. We will be buying one for our love seat as well.

Nathan (5-Star Review on Amazon)