Sofa Cushion Support Board Flex - Couch Support for Sagging Cushions

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  • ✔ THE ORIGINAL SOFA SUPPORT BOARD - As Seen on Digital Journal, FOX 28, Daily Herald and more - We're pioneers of this product's designs and the materials used. Many brands have tried to replicate and imitate us over the years, but none match our expertise and year-long experience in the furniture support area.
  • ✔ NEW LOOK AND FEEL FOR YOUR FURNITURE - Our Sagging Couch Support Board is a simple solution to an age-old problem. We call it The Sofa Sag Syndrome! With our Saggy Couch Cushion Support, fixing your couch is literally a matter of a minute - no tools or experts required!
  • ✔ IMPROVE YOUR POSTURE - Reclining regularly on a worn-out and sinking couch can cause problems like backache in the long run. Our Sofa Cushion Support Pads are made from heavy duty solid wood panels covered in industrial Oxford fabric to improve the firmness of your sofas and extend their life - Your back (and wallet) will thank you for it!
  • ✔ CHOOSE THE RIGHT SIZE: 21x48'' is the perfect size for a regular loveseat (2-seat), and 24x48'' is the perfect size for an extra deep loveseat (2-seat). 21x72'' is the perfect size for a regular 3-seat sofa. For an extra deep 3-seat sofa 24x72'' is the perfect size. 24x79'' is the perfect size for an extra deep 4-seat sofa (or extra long and deep 3-seat). Please refer to our product images or the product description below for an overview of our inserts, such as for regular length 3-seats, loveseats (2-seats) and sectionals. Please make sure to measure your sofa before ordering.
  • ✔ US BUSINESS WITH LIFETIME WARRANTY PROMISE - We're based in the US ensuring top-notch domestic customer service. Have peace of mind knowing you're supported by a domestic team that understands your needs. Our products are built to last by a company that's in it for the long haul - which is why we can confidently offer lifetime warranty for all of our furniture support products against breakage and defects.