How to Fix a Sagging Couch with Meliusly Sofa Support

Do you have a sagging couch in your home? Thinking about replacing it with a new one?

We all know this problem - we call it the Sofa-Sag-Syndrome. After years of use the couch starts to get softer and softer. Either the cushion foam deteriorates or the couch springs get loose because they get twisted and bent over time. 

The worst thing is: The sag always occurs in the owner's favorite spot which makes it especially inconvenient. On top of the couch becoming less comfortable by the day, it's also becomes an eyesore in your home.

Reclining regularly on a worn out and sinking couch can cause problems like backache in the long-run.

Unfortunately, this happens to even the best, most cared-for and most expensive pieces of furniture over time. It is inevitable if the sofa is used frequently.

Introducing the Meliusly Sofa Support Board

sofa cushion support board

We have come up with a solution that is both simple and effective: Our Sofa Support Board.
No need for a professional or even tools, no need to open your cushions and stuff new foam inside, and no need to run to the department store and buy a bunch of plywood that is going to rip holes into your couch.

Our Sagging Cushion Support is made of Engineered Wood that is covered in Oxford Polyester. The choice of materials for our sofa support for sagging cushions was determined by two important required features: Sturdiness and Anti-Skid. This product will not make your cushions slide off the sofa - in fact, it will help hold them in place.

It's extremely easy to use:

Simply remove your couch cushions and place the board on top of the springs. Then put the cushions back in place and enjoy the improved firmness and comfort of your sofa.

Couch Saver for Saggy Couches



[Q:] Why not just use a piece of plywood?
[A:] We do not recommend it. For the purpose or improving firmness, plywood will help. However, there are a couple of cons. The main ones are: (1) the wood panel is sharp (unless you add rounded or beveled edges) and can rip holes into your cushions or even the sofa. (2) Plywood is too hard - it would essentially flip the problem to the other extreme and make the previously sagging sofa now uncomfortable because it is too firm and it feels like you are sitting on a cushion on the floor.

[Q:] Will this board make my cushions slide off the couch?
[A:] No. While similar products on the market are made of smooth PE plastic that will lead to your cushions sliding off the couch, our product is made of Oxford Fabric with Anti-Skid PVC Dots that are specifically designed to keep your cushions in place. In fact, they will be held in place much better than without the board installed.

[Q:] Is this a permanent fix/solution for the problem?
[A:] No. While our product helps significantly extend your furniture piece's life, we cannot claim that it is a permanent solution. One day, the springs have simply been compressed and expanded too many times and they become too soft.

[Q:] Why/How does a sofa support board help with sagging?
[A:] Under the sofa cushions there is a spring mechanism that consists of many springs that help make the sofa feel soft in addition to the softness of the cushions. Without a sofa support board, your weight pushes a handful of springs down - the more often these springs are compressed and expanded again, the softer they become over time. Our product helps distribute your weight across a larger number of springs, effectively reducing the sag and extending the life of the springs and with that the life of your sofa.